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Pixel-Artistry is the husband and wife team of Brian and Lisa Kretchman. We enjoy working together on various creative multimedia projects.


Brian Kretchman creates the screensaver engines for all of Pixel-Artistry's products. An applications developer, he has architected public, corporate and product sites, Facebook applications and online stores.



Lisa Kretchman contributes the graphics and Flash development to Pixel-Artistry's work. Originally an illustrator working in scratchboard and pastel, she later transitioned to computer design, animation and interactive development.

Lisa still creates handmade fine art, and occasionally blends these pieces with digital media. See more of her artwork in the links below.

Lisa's digital portfolio (Adobe Flash)

Lisa's website and blog


We are also fortunate to have friends with musical, theatrical and artistic talents who have contributed to some of Pixel-Artistry's recent projects. We would like to thank Lori, Bev, April and Beth for all of their fine work.



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